Flexible, versatile and durable, aluminium splashbacks combine all the best features of your favourite splashback styles and materials.

From tiles, glass and stone to acrylic and stainless steel, your splashback can now be made from a broad variety of materials, to meet different aesthetics, safety standards and more. When choosing a splashback, the material you decide on can impact your splashback and overall kitchen, bathroom or laundry design in many different ways.

Powder coated aluminium is fast emerging as the ideal splashback for kitchens and wet areas. As durable as stone or steel, and as colourful as glass, aluminium splashbacks can meet all your design and practical needs.

1. Luxury without the price tag

With designs replicating real marble, tile and brick splashbacks, powder coated aluminium allows you to recreate your favourite natural materials, minus the time and cost involved with hiring an installer.

Splashback in blue kitchen with bodum.
Marble look aluminium splashback by DecoSplash®.
2. Long-lasting colour and image

Create a vibrant, bold splashback in a solid colour or using your favourite pattern or image. Just like glass splashbacks, powder coated aluminium splashbacks allow you to spruce up your kitchen with a pop of colour or an image that makes an impression – but unlike glass splashbacks, they will not chip or crack, and will not discolour due to heat.

3. Fire Safety

Acrylic splashbacks are a popular choice for bold and colourful designs – but they cannot be used behind cooktops, or they could melt or combust. Glass splashbacks can also get ‘hot spots’ when exposed to heat for too long, increasing the risk of combustion or burn discolouration to the image behind. This means that a stainless steel panel has to be installed behind the cooktop, interrupting the flow of your splashback design. Aluminium splashbacks are 100% non-combustible, meaning they can be safely installed behind a convection, electric or gas cooktop, allowing for continuity of your image across the entire space of the kitchen.

Easy installation with DecoSplash® aluminium splashbacks.
4. Easy installation

Lightweight and easily cut onsite, powder coated aluminium can be installed without issues. It can be quickly and easily lifted into place and secured using adhesive, and can even be installed over old existing splashbacks. The easy-cut nature of aluminium means it can be cut onsite to accommodate plug holes, taps and other fittings, rather than having to be measured and pre-cut beforehand.

5. Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to tile grout lines or stainless steel streaks – powder coated aluminium can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and a pH-neutral detergent, eliminating staining, streaking and mould growth. Achieve the tile look without dirty grout lines, or a marble look without having to treat and seal it regularly.

DecoSplash® Subway Emerald in Green Kitchen
Get the subway tile look with DecoSplash® aluminium splashbacks, minus grout lines.
6. Scratch Resistant

If coated with Class 2 Super Durable powders, powder coated aluminium splashbacks are resistant to scratches, scuffs, dents and other damage that may come about from day-to-day usage.

DecoSplash®: the splashback you’ve been waiting for

Achieve the splashback design of your dreams when you choose DecoSplash®. Whether you’re seeking a tile splashback without the maintenance, a marble splashback without the weight or an acrylic splashback without the combustion risk, DecoSplash® is the choice for you.

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