There is no look more classic for a kitchen splashback than tiles. From traditional subway tiles to contemporary herringbones or creative mosaics, tiles can add charm and character to a kitchen.
However, tiles can come with their own challenges. Grout lines are notoriously difficult to clean, and can stain and discolour easily. Tiles can also be difficult to install, requiring a specialised tiler to complete the installation, and if they chip or crack during their lifespan, they can be difficult to replace unless you have spares from the original batch.
DecoSplash® gives you the option to get a beautiful tile splashback you’ve always wanted, minus the hassles. Made from solid aluminium, with a sublimated, powder coat finish, DecoSplash® offers a realistic tile look in a variety of styles, with the added bonus of being easy to clean and install.
Looking for a tile-look splashback? Here are some of our favourite DecoSplash® picks for a tile-look kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Tile Splashbacks - Marble Herringbone Bianco
Marble Herringbone Bianco

Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone splashbacks are en vogue now.. Their unique fishbone pattern makes them a standout, taking the classic tile look and reinventing it for a new era. ‘Marble Herringbone Bianco’ pairs classic white tiles with a herringbone pattern for the ultimate contemporary kitchen tile design.

Tile Splashbacks - Fish Scales
Fish Scale

Grey Tiles

Grey tile splashbacks are a popular choice. A colour that can stand out against a lighter kitchen or accentuate a dark one, grey adds elegance and sophistication to any design. DecoSplash® has a range of grey tile looks available, from rough-textured grey stones to concrete-look tiles and grey hexagonal tiles. Right now, we are also loving this grey ‘Fish Scale’ design, which adds a unique edge to a kitchen.

Tile Splashbacks - España

Mosaic Tiles

A mosaic makes the perfect kitchen feature wall. Whether you are looking for a classic mosaic or a contemporary radial design, DecoSplash® has something to suit your kitchen design. ‘España’ offers a cracked tile mosaic for an edgy, colourful addition to your kitchen design.

DecoSplash Subway Emerald Tile Splashback
Subway Emerald

Green Tiles

Subway tiles have long been a popular choice for kitchens. Why not add a bit of freshness to your kitchen and choose green ones? Green kitchens are a growing trend this year, and ‘Subway Emerald’ gives you the chance to take the traditional subway tile and make it new again.

Want more inspiration for a tile splashback design? View the DecoSplash® Tile Collection for more stunning designs.