Why DecoSplash is the perfect alternative to subway tiles

Tile splashbacks are popular for all kinds of kitchen designs – none more so than subway tiles. The classic horizontal tile design can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.  But with tiles come hassles, including cleaning grout lines, heat and difficulty of installation. DecoSplash, the aluminium splashback option, allows you to recreate beautiful subway tile splashbacks without these issues.

Tile Splashbacks - Tile Collection
DecoSplash Tiles


With tiles come grout lines – and they can be a pain to clean. Because DecoSplash is made from powder coated aluminium, grout lines are a thing of the past. The realistic sublimated finish may look like subway tiles, but DecoSplash can be simply wiped down using a damp cloth and mild detergent.


Tile splashbacks require a professional tiler to install, which can add installation costs on top of the cost of the tiles themselves. Subway tile-look DecoSplash panels, on the other hand, are made from lightweight aluminium that can be lifted into place. The best thing of all is that DecoSplash is DIY friendly and you can install it yourself.

No cracks or chips

Tiles can crack or chip over time, or due to impact. It can be difficult and costly to replace subway tiles, especially if you do not have any spares left over from your batch. Even new batches of the same tile might not feature the exact same colour. Because DecoSplash is made from solid aluminium, it will not crack or chip, and will keep its pristine appearance for years without replacement.

How to Order DecoSplash

If you are a homeowner, contact our DecoSplash® team directly via the Contact Us page.

DecoSplash® is also sold wholesale to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and installers via our national distributor Lincoln Sentry.