Stone Splashbacks: How does DecoSplash compare?

Stone is a centuries-old splashback material. Stone splashbacks add that raw, natural appearance to a kitchen. Stone is also a durable material – but it is also heavy and comes with several down sides. DecoSplash, which can recreate popular stone styles such as marble and granite, is a realistic, long-lasting alternative that is far easier to manage.

Stone Splashbacks - Dark Marble


Cutting stone products can put installers at risk of silicosis, a disease caused by inhaling tiny silica particles into the lungs. DecoSplash reduces this risk. Aluminium poses no such risk, and is easily cut to size using a drop, mitre or jig saw with an aluminium blade.


Because stone splashbacks are porous, they absorb stains, and require regular sealing or impregnating to protect them. DecoSplash, on the other hand, is easily wiped down with a damp cloth and detergent, removing stains, streaks, food splashes and more.

Beautiful designs

Many different varieties of stone can be used for splashbacks, and stone backsplashes can also be polished for a smooth, shiny effect or left natural. DecoSplash can replicate any natural stone, from marble and quartz to granite and limestone. It can even be adjusted and customised to suit your kitchen design – want a blue streak running through your marble? We can do it! Offering both gloss and satin finishes, DecoSplash can recreate both polished and natural stones.

Easy installation

Stone is a very heavy material. It requires professional installers, adding labour time and costs to your project. DecoSplash is made from lightweight aluminium which can be installed yourself, drastically saving on your installation bill and lead time.

How to Order DecoSplash

If you are a homeowner, contact our DecoSplash® team directly via the Contact Us page.

DecoSplash® is also sold wholesale to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and installers via our national distributor Lincoln Sentry.