Wallpaper may be out of style these days – but repeating patterns certainly aren’t, with more and more homeowners choosing a patterned design for their kitchen, bathroom or laundry splashback. A patterned splashback can create a focal point in a room, as well as adding character, personality and charm.

While patterned glass and acrylic splashbacks are popular, both of these materials have limitations which can impact your final kitchen design. Glass splashbacks, which feature the pattern printed onto the back, can have concentrated ‘hot spots’ build up when exposed to heat, which can cause the pattern behind to discolour. Acrylic splashbacks cannot be used behind kitchen cooktops, requiring a stainless steel panel which breaks up the design. While patterned splashback tiles are also an option, they can be costly and complex to install and usually require the services of a professional tiler.

For a patterened look that will not discolour, DecoSplash® offers a range of gorgeous styles suitable for all types of kitchens. Made from sublimated, powder coated solid aluminium, DecoSplash® offers optimal image retention as well as safety behind all kinds of kitchen cookers and cooktops. Here are some of our top pics from the DecoSplash Patterned Collection.

All patterened DecoSplash® finishes are available in a range of on-trend colours to suit your colour scheme.


Patterned Splashbacks - Scandi

A simple, minimalistic pattern, Scandi brings some Nordic cool into your kitchen. This minimalist design adds a soft pattern that pairs well with light colours.


Patterned Splashbacks - Chevron

With herringbone tile patterns at the forefront of today’s design trends, Chevron lets you recreate the popular pattern for your kitchen splashback.


Pattern Splashback Waves

For a coastal vibe, Waves is an undulating, curly pattern to bring the ocean into your kitchen.

Geometric cubes

Patterned Splashbacks - Geometric Cubes

Retro designs are back, and this tessellating pattern is a standout for any contemporary kitchen. Choose a bright background colour for a real focal point.

View the DecoSplash Patterned Collection for more stylish kitchen splashback designs, or talk to us about your dream custom pattern.