How does DecoSplash compare to mirror glass?

Mirror glass splashbacks are having their moment on the kitchen renovation scene. Contemporary and attractive, they also reflect the light, adding brightness and making your kitchen appear bigger. However, glass can be expensive, difficult to install and can crack and chip over time. Exclusive to DecoSplash, the one-of-a-kind mirror Chrome finish recreates the elegance and glimmer of a mirror splashback, while offering a wealth of benefits.

Design flexibility

Mirror effect splashbacks come in a range of colours. For an even greater design flexibility, DecoSplash’s unique chrome effect splashbacks can be used in combination with a vast range of designs, from water ripples, brushed effects and stone looks to even zebra patterns and florals. Get that reflective look and add brightness to your room whatever your kitchen design.

Free from cracking and chipping

Glass splashbacks can crack or chip over time, which can ruin their mirror effect. DecoSplash, however, will not crack or chip, and will go on looking pristine for years.


Mirror glass splashbacks are heavy, difficult to install and must have any holes pre-cut before they are installed. Professional installers are usually required, while DecoSplash can be installed easily yourself. The easy to cut aluminium can be cut onsite, and will not damage the chrome finish.

How to Order DecoSplash

If you are a homeowner, contact our DecoSplash® team directly via the Contact Us page.

DecoSplash® is also sold wholesale to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and installers via our national distributor Lincoln Sentry.