Get a Marble Look Splashback for Less with DecoSplash

Marble splashbacks add opulence and a luxurious feel to your kitchen. White marble adds brightness, while dark marble adds a sophisticated edge. Whatever your preference, there is no doubting the beauty of marble in your kitchen. DecoSplash recreates the look and feel of natural marble, while offering you a quick and easy design solution.

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Benefits of Marble Look DecoSplash


Being stone, marble is a heavy material, and a large slab can be difficult to lift into place (and cut). Made from lightweight aluminium sheeting, DecoSplash can be quickly and easily lifted into place, and even installed over existing splashbacks. For a simple DIY installation option, DecoSplash delivers.


Stains can seep into the pores of a marble splashback, making them almost impossible to remove. DecoSplash’s powder coat finish, however, is resistant to stains, splashes, spills and even graffiti. Almost any substance can be quickly wiped off, allowing you to continue with your day and maintain the attractive designer appearance of your splashback.

Safe behind cooktops

The resins used to seal marble splashbacks may mean they cannot be used behind cooktops. DecoSplash is 100% solid aluminium with a non combustible powder coat finish. This means it will not ignite or overheat and is safe even behind gas stove tops.

Marble Splashbacks - DecoSplash

How to Order DecoSplash

If you are a homeowner, contact our DecoSplash® team directly via the Contact Us page.

DecoSplash® is also sold wholesale to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and installers via our national distributor Lincoln Sentry.