Bring your laundry to life with DecoSplash® aluminium splashbacks

Laundries used to be the most boring room in the house – but no more! Most laundries require a splashback to protect the walls from splashes or spills when doing the washing. Laundry splashbacks don’t need to be dull, though – they can become the focal point of the room. DecoSplash® offers a range of creative, durable and vibrant splashbacks suitable for the wet area in all laundries.

Choosing a splashback for your laundry

When picking out a laundry splashback, there are several aesthetic and practical factors you need to think about. From tiles to stone slabs, there are many different designs available – which is right for you? Here is what you should consider:

  • Where is the splashback going? Will it be exposed to water or electrical outlets?
  • What is your laundry design? What sort of colour scheme and themes do you want?
  • Do you want a bold statement piece or something that will complement your laundry appliances?
  • How easy will it be to install?
  • How much time do you have for cleaning?

DecoSplash®: the perfect choice for all laundries

With DecoSplash®, you can have it all – the practical splashback to protect your walls and the stunning statement feature you need to brighten up the laundry.

DecoSplash® is:

  • Durable: made from solid aluminium with a powder coat finish, DecoSplash® is resistant to moisture and mould and will last for years.
  • Easy to install: simply lift and adhere into place and enjoy. DecoSplash® is lightweight and can be cut with a jig saw and aluminium blade to account for powerpoints and taps alike.
  • Low maintenance: you don’t have to do the washing and spend hours cleaning the laundry – unlike tiles, DecoSplash® has no cumbersome grout lines to deal with.
  • Safe: non-combustible and water resistant, DecoSplash® can be used near your laundry devices or in your wet areas safely.
  • Wide range of designs: get the laundry you always wanted. Choose from our catalogue designs and recreate your favourite tile or marble looks, spruce up your laundry with an art deco or nature design, or go wild with vibrant patterns or your own custom image.

Laundry Splashback

How to Order DecoSplash®

If you are a homeowner, contact our DecoSplash® team directly via the Contact Us page.

DecoSplash® is also sold wholesale to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and installers via our national distributor Lincoln Sentry.