Find the Perfect Kitchen Splashback with DecoSplash®

Kitchen splashbacks are a practical way to protect your walls from splashes and stains – but they are also the perfect way to add style to any kitchen. Whether you want a kitchen refresh, a whole new kitchen renovation or you are building a brand new home, DecoSplash® can add a finishing touch to your kitchen, and create a stunning statement piece.

Kitchen Splashback

What to think about when selecting a kitchen splashback

With so much choice available and so many types of kitchen splashbacks to use, it can become confusing trying to sift through all the information. You need to consider what will work for your kitchen:

  • What is your design style?
  • What safety issues do you need to consider – do you have a gas cooktop, which will require noncombustible materials?
  • Do you want to install it yourself or pay for a professional? What is your budget, and which splashback materials fit into it? (For example, marble splashbacks are beautiful but typically expensive).
  • How much time will you have for maintenance?

Finding a splashback that meets the design brief and vibe for your kitchen, but is also low maintenance and fire safe, can be very important.

Why choose DecoSplash®?

DecoSplash® is the answer to all your kitchen splashback prayers. Durable, safe and beautiful, it can suit any kitchen design while keeping your kitchen safe and hassle-free.

DecoSplash® is:

  • Easy to install: lightweight aluminium means it can be easily lifted into place. It can also be cut easily to create holes for powerpoints.
  • Non-combustible: made from solid aluminium, DecoSplash® can be used behind gas and electric cooktops.
  • Low maintenance: say goodbye to grout lines and streaks – a damp cloth and detergent are all you need to keep your splashback looking great.
  • Customisable: choose from a wide range of designs, or create your own! From realistic tile and marble looks to beautiful landscapes and art deco patterns, DecoSplash® brings your ideal kitchen design to life. You can also choose from metallic, satin or gloss textures to achieve the right look and feel for your new kitchen.