How to incorporate colour into your kitchen splashback

Coloured tiles

Black, white and minimalist aesthetics are timeless – but another kitchen design option is storming onto the scene this year: colour. Adding a vibrant pop of colour via a splashback, or creating a coloured feature kitchen with different tones of the same colour used throughout, are great ways to infuse personality and energy into your space. Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate colours into your kitchen design through your splashback.

The tile look is a kitchen staple, and a style whose popularity transcends time and trends. To add a pop of colour (or complement the colour of your cabinets and benchtops), a subway tile splashback in emerald green or royal blue can add style and vibrancy to your kitchen.

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Contemporary Solid Colours

Solid colour splashbacks are all the range, and can be found in many homes made from glass or acrylic splashbacks – or, of course, from sublimated, powder coated aluminium. For a modernb kitchen design, and for a style that pairs well with chrome or stainless steel kitchen equipment, choose a coloured splashback that complements your home décor.

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Combine Colour and Pattern

Repeating patterns are a popular and pleasing sight in Scandi home designs. What better way to add some colour to your kitchen by using a coloured, patterned splashback amongst white cabinets and benches?

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Use a Unique Image

Feature your hero colour in your splashback by using it as the background, theme colour or focal point of a bespoke splashback – or choose a multicoloured design to really make a statement. DecoSplash® offers almost unlimited splashback design options – choose from our extensive range of designs or create your own.

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Bring colour to your kitchen with DecoSplash®

With a whole host of designs available, and the ability to reproduce any image into powder coated aluminium, DecoSplash® allows you to add colour and style to your kitchen the easy way.

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