Choose your finish

Once you decide on your design, it’s time to choose your sheen!

DecoSplash® is available in three lustrous finishes: Gloss, Satin and the new Chrome effect.


Gloss brings out the shimmer. Offering a high shine glossy splashback surface for a premium finish.

The standard offer for all collections is the Gloss finish, with the exception of the Textured and Natural Luxe Collection.


Natural Satin offers a subtle texture suited to natural materials and softer palettes.

The Satin finish offers a semi-matt surface that is ideal for achieving a realistic appearance for natural designs like marble timber and concrete.


For a moody, metallic glimmer. Well suited to darker splashback designs, the steely-grey base provides a subtle reflection for a range of décors.

The new Chrome effect is available for all splashback designs. Click here to check our recommend Chrome splashback designs.