1. A solid, 2mm thick aluminium flat sheet is powder coated with a highly durable anti-graffiti grade finish.
  2. The selected image or design is placed against the coated aluminium and oven-baked.
  3. The image is sublimated into the powder coated layer and baked in for maximum durability.

DecoSplash® is available in a range of sizes.

The minimum sheet size is 600 x 1800 mm. The maximum sheet size is 1500 x 3600 mm, however two or more sheets can be joined for greater height or length.

Easily clean your DecoSplash® using a damp cloth with dishwashing liquid or multipurpose spray. Unlike other splashbacks, DecoSplash® does not need scrubbing and will not streak with cleaning. Scourer’s and other similar sponges like steel wool are not recommend.

Yes, DecoSplash® meets the requirements of AS 5601.1 as a fire-resistant material that is safe to use behind gas cooktops.

As aluminium is a good conductor of heat, any heat generated from cooking will also be quickly and evenly dispersed across the surface area of the splashback, meaning your DecoSplash® will remain at a safe temperature. Please refer to our technical information page.

Yes, DecoSplash® is perfect for outdoor kitchens and behind BBQs. The product is weather-resistant and UV stable.

There are different ways to finish the edges and corners of your DecoSplash®.

The powder coated finish is designed to be strong and difficult to scratch. In the unlikely event of damage to the splashback, the scratch can be polished out.

DecoSplash® is warranted for a period of 10 years that the coating will not chip, peel or flake and is subject to the below conditions:

  1. Regular cleaning is conducted in accordance with our product care guide and cleaning product recommendations
  2. Damage and abuse of the product is excluded from warranty cover

 For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions page here