Renovating your kitchen? Here’s what you need to consider

Designing and renovating a new kitchen that is right for your home can be tricky – you will need to consider your style and your home’s personality as well as its functionality – is it easy to maintain? Can everything be accessed easily? A well-designed renovated kitchen can increase the value of your property, so make sure you think through your design and product choices very carefully. Need help? Here are some important considerations for you to make.

What is your preferred style?

Do you have a design, theme or aesthetic in mind? Your kitchen will need to complement the rest of your home, so choose a style that is cohesive with the overall feel of your house, as well as its original features. If you are renovating your kitchen while keeping some of the original counters, appliances or fixtures, make sure your new design will work with what you have, and wont’ look odd or mismatched. Choosing a design that will uplift your existing kitchen and bring it to new heights will work wonders.

New Kitchen - DecoSplash Autumn Forest
DecoSplash Autumn Forest
Is it functional?

A beautiful kitchen is one thing, but it must also be a functional room that can stand up to your everyday activities. Kitchen hardware is often overlooked, but is more important than many people realise. Top kitchen fitout company Lincoln Sentry recommends you think about your taps, sinks and handles early on and try out some possible options, to make sure they are going to withstand the sort of handling they will receive every day. If handles are falling off your cabinets because they are too big, or taps don’t quite fit the sink space you are proposing, it won’t matter how nice your kitchen looks – it won’t work.

Where will everything go?

Don’t start sketching out designs and putting in cupboards before you’ve worked out how – and where – all your appliances fit. Make sure your fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher and stove top all have their place before you go to the drawing board, especially if you are purchasing brand new appliances which may be a different size from your old set. Work your kitchen design around your appliances – don’t try to squeeze them into your design!

Flooring comes first

If you are installing a dishwasher, it is important to put down your new tiles or kitchen flooring first. Once the dishwasher is installed, you cannot put anything underneath it – and if you wait and install flooring around the dishwasher after it is already in, you will find it is very difficult to pull it out if you need to. You may end up damaging the surrounding floor or tiles, or having to take whole cabinets out. This goes for other appliances that need to be installed onto the floor of your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation - DecoSplash Mottled Brick
DecoSplash Mottled Brick
Do you have enough counter space?

Kitchens aren’t just for show – they are an important part of everyday life. Whether you’re cooking  a quick dinner for your kids or creating a masterpiece of a meal for a family event, you will need ample counter space to lay out your ingredients and do your meal prep properly. A general rule of thumb is that more is always more when it comes to counter space. If you have an island in your kitchen, make it as long as possible. The optimal island width is between 800 and 1200mm to allow for freedom of movement.

Are there ways you can save time and money?

A kitchen renovation is a big job, so if there are any opportunities for making the process smoother and easier…take them! Before you start renovating, plan around your budget and preferred timeframe, and choose products that will make this easier to achieve. Look for DIY-friendly options that will save you on hiring an installer (with the exception of work which requires an industry expert, such as structural modifications, electricity and plumbing). An easy way to save time and money on installation and maintenance is by choosing a DIY-friendly splashback such as DecoSplash. Lightweight, quick and simple to install with double sided tape and silicone, DecoSplash is the easy way to achieve a beautiful splashback, minus the hefty price tag.

Kitchen Concepts Vintage Splashback
Kitchen Concepts – Custom Splash
What splashback are you choosing?

The kitchen splashback isn’t just a means of keeping stains off the wall – it can set the tone of the whole kitchen. Choose a style that will complement your cabinetry and appliances – or make a statement with a standout design!

Whether you want to go with tiles, a bright coloured picture or pattern or even a marble or wood look, DecoSplash is the way to go. DecoSplash can replicate any design or style on sublimated, powder coated aluminium, allowing to create you a realistic tile look minus the grout, a realistic marble splashback without having to hire installers to heft it in, a bold and colourful pattern to reflect your personality or even your own custom photo or image! With limitless design possibilities, DecoSplash is the simple and inexpensive way to cap off the kitchen design of your dreams.

What other advice can help you?

Drawing on the wisdom of others can help you make informed choices about your kitchen, avoid common pitfalls and discover ideas you never knew existed. Home improvement / renovating blogs and magazines can give you inspiration, while asking industry experts can help you get some sound advice to take into your renovation journey. If you need tips on cabinetry and kitchen hardware, ask Lincoln Sentry what they would recommend, or contact DECO’s friendly team to discuss your dream splashback and how you can make it a reality.