John & Jo’s New Kitchen

Builder:  Luke O’Neill, Better Building Solutions

Designs:  Custom Image

When John and Jo were searching for a new splashback for their new kitchen, they knew what they wanted – a strong black theme with vibrant colour to complement their unique kitchen design. The couple were drawn to the idea of using posters from the French Fin de Siecle period, which are popular for their distinctive style and touch of sophistication. Sifting through different design choices, from Alphonse Mucha to early steam travel to food, John and Jo finally decided on their dream design, which featured early posters from the era advertising exotic drinks, coffee and chocolate – the perfect touch to add character to their kitchen.

The challenge with designing this kitchen was finding a splashback product that could showcase these beautiful period images and bring their idea to life. The splashback needed to cover a large area, and as it would span the area behind both the cooktop and the kitchen sink, it needed to be both heat proof and moisture resistant.

Having considered all the different splashback options, John and Jo chose DecoSplash® for its durability and quality. Having visited the DECO Innovation Centre to view the product, the couple were able to see in person the excellent colour and clarity that the DecoSplash® photo imaging technology produced.

‘We wanted high quality resolution,’ said John, ‘and DecoSplash® looked like they could deliver.’

The duo were also impressed by the service provided by the DecoSplash® staff, who assisted them efficiently and safely during a period of COVID restrictions.

Although the mounting surface in John and Jo’s kitchen was not smooth, the installation went well, under the expert advice and support of the DecoSplash® team. The couple’s chosen installer, Luke O’Neill of Better Building Solutions, found the installation required careful planning and preparation which paid off with a perfect mounting of the splashback and a super result.

With the help of DecoSplash®, John and Jo’s kitchen became more than just a food preparation space, but was transformed into a work of art.

Have a design in mind? Contact the DecoSplash team to discuss whether the image you have selected fits the criteria.