How to choose the perfect design for your splashback

Choosing the right splashback is not always as simple as picking something out of a catalogue. As well as determining whether it will fit the space and suit your aesthetic or style, you will also need to ensure it meets the relevant Australian Standards, is long-lasting and easy to clean and can stand up to the sort of use and wear it will receive in your kitchen or bathroom.

Follow these handy recommendations from DecoSplash to make the perfect selection for your needs.

Consider your floor

Before you start designing your kitchen or bathroom, consider the fact that your floor will go into your room before anything else. The colour, style and material of your floor will need to be factored into your design – timber flooring may go well with whites or neutral colours, while a dark tile might pair well with other dark colours or contrast against white or light shades. You could even consider a charcoal grey coloured splashback to coordinate with a polished concrete floor or concrete-look tiles.

Kitchen Splashback Inspiration
Kitchen Splashback Inspiration
Complement or stand out?

Consider your overall kitchen and bathroom design. What colour and material are your cabinets? What about other fixtures such as taps and equipment? Now consider whether you want your splashback to blend in or stand out. There are three different ways you can go:


For a uniform look or a recurring, flowing motif throughout the room design, consider choosing the same material for your splashback, benchtops and even your tiles. Neutral colours and natural materials such as stone or sandstone (or stone-look materials) can best achieve this look.


Rather than an exact match, using similar materials, colours or patterns for all materials and equipment in your kitchen can create a harmonious vibe throughout your room. Examples of coordinated kitchens or bathrooms might include different materials in the same colour, or neutral tones for wooden items such as cabinets pairing effectively with a white or grey stone benchtop and splashback.


If you want to go for something different, you can make your splashback stand out amongst the rest of your materials for dramatic emphasis. Bold, bright, vibrant colours, eye-catching patterns or unique custom images will contrast well against neutral cabinetry, benchtops and appliances, drawing focus towards your splashback as the statement feature of the room.

Once you know whether you want your splashback to be subtle or bold, choosing your splashback will be easier. Alternatively, if you have a dream splashback in mind but are not sure about the rest of the room, why not design the room to pair with it?

Urban Sensations Espana Splashback
Urban Sensations Espana Splashback
Regulations and Restrictions

Choosing a splashback that suits your design is only half the battle. You will need to make sure your splashback is safe for use, particularly in a kitchen. The Australian Standard for Gas Regulations, AS 5601.1, outlines requirements for using different splashback materials behind gas cooktops. If you have a gas cooktop, you must use Fire Resistant Materials behind it, and some splashback products such as acrylics, which are combustible, cannot be used. Make sure you look into what regulations are in place for your stove top, as well as the distance required between the stove top and the splashback, before you make a purchase.

Ease of cleaning

Your dream splashback may look beautiful – but have you thought about the maintenance it requires? Some splashbacks, such as tiles, look stunning but their grout lines make them a hassle to clean. Glass and stainless steel streak easily, and while they are easy enough to clean, it can be frustrating having to clean them regularly to remove frequent dirt and marks. Powder-coated aluminium, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to clean, with all marks wiping off with a damp cloth.

About DecoSplash
DecoSplash Blue Marble Design
Have it all with DecoSplash

Want a splashback that suits your design, complies with regulations and is easy to maintain? DecoSplash ticks all these boxes and more. This unique aluminium splashback offers over 50 designs, as well as custom image options so you can achieve the perfect design for your kitchen or bathroom. Lightweight and easy to install, DecoSplash can replicate your favourite tiles, stone or marble looks without having to hire professional installers.

Finished in a hygienic powder coat finish, DecoSplash requires little maintenance other than cleaning – which is incredibly easy to do. Simply use a regular cleaning product such as Morning Fresh and a damp cloth and streaks, grime and other marks will wipe away.

Made from completely non-combustible aluminium with a non-combustible powder coat finish, DecoSplash complies with Australian Standards and is safe for use behind gas and electric cooktops alike. Unlike other splashbacks, aluminium conducts heat effectively, preventing ‘hot spots’ or discoloration of the design.