Five On-Trend Splashback Designs

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Five On-Trend Splashback Designs

How to incorporate a colour into your kitchen splashback

DecoSplash® Geometric Leaves Splashback in Kitchen

5 On-Trend Bathroom Splashback Ideas with DecoSplash®

Bathroom Splashbacks - DecoSplash® Wipeout

Bathroom renovations are increasingly taking on not only clean, contemporary aesthetics, but the personalities of their occupants. From interesting bathroom tiles to printed glass shower splashbacks that make a statement, it is important to choose a splashback that not only functions as a wet area lining but showcases your...

How to Clean DecoSplash®

DecoSplash® Marble Splashbacks

It’s lightweight. It’s convenient. And it’s easy to clean. DecoSplash® is any kitchen owner’s dream – whether you are using it for your home or commercial space. With a highly durable powder coat finish that is designed to be long-lasting and resistant to dirt, grime, staining and charring, DecoSplash®...

Patterned Splashbacks with DecoSplash®

DecoSplash® Laundry

Wallpaper may be out of style these days – but repeating patterns certainly aren’t, with more and more homeowners choosing a patterned design for their kitchen, bathroom or laundry splashback. A patterned splashback can create a focal point in a room, as well as adding character, personality and charm....

Achieve the Beauty of Natural Materials with DecoSplash®

DecoSplash® Marble Splashbacks

Natural building materials are not only classic and beautiful but are coming back in style with a vengeance. While building with natural stone can be tricky, time consuming, labour intensive and expensive, the marble, sandstone or terrazzo splashback remains a popular choice.   Get the look of a natural stone...

Tile Splashbacks: Get the Look with DecoSplash®

DecoSplash® Subway Emerald in Green Kitchen

There is no look more classic for a kitchen splashback than tiles. From traditional subway tiles to contemporary herringbones or creative mosaics, tiles can add charm and character to a kitchen. However, tiles can come with their own challenges. Grout lines are notoriously difficult to clean, and can stain...

Why DecoSplash® is perfect for outdoor settings

DecoSplash in an Outdoor Kitchen

6 Reasons to Choose an Aluminium Splashback

Custom aluminium DecoSplash® splashback featuring New York photo image.

Flexible, versatile and durable, aluminium splashbacks combine all the best features of your favourite splashback styles and materials.

New one-of-a-kind aluminium splashback collection

DecoSplash® Abstract Art for Kitchens

Breathe new life into your splashback with fun colourful patterns, on-trend stone and tile designs, or a captivating landscape that will transport you to your favourite destination.