Natural building materials are not only classic and beautiful but are coming back in style with a vengeance. While building with natural stone can be tricky, time consuming, labour intensive and expensive, the marble, sandstone or terrazzo splashback remains a popular choice.  

Get the look of a natural stone kitchen or bathroom splashback with DecoSplash®, the sublimated aluminium splashback that can recreate a marble, stone or other natural splashback effect. A lightweight aluminium sheet with a realistic finish, DecoSplash® can be easily installed, and can even be cut onsite to factor in power points and taps. Easy to clean and maintain, DecoSplash® also saves you the trouble of sealing your splashback, as you would have to with a solid slab of stone. 

Want a marble or stone effect splashback? DecoSplash® has a range of natural-look splashbacks for you to choose from. Here are some of our favourites.  

Blue Marble

DecoSplash® allows you to choose from light or dark marble to suit your kitchen aesthetic – but for something which really makes a statement, we love this blue marble design from the Natural Luxe collection. The white marble design features a unique blue vein for a stunning focal point, reminiscent of Calacatta or Carrara marble with a stunning twist. 

Butter Cream Marble

A warm, rich marble tone, butter cream marble gives the appearance of a polished stone splashback for a tasteful kitchen design. 

Terrazzo Bianco

Terrazzo is back in fashion, and this white terrazzo splashback pattern from the Natural Luxe Collection is the ideal stone look splashback design to pair with your benchtops. 

Textured Collection - Harmonious Stone


For a textured, sandstone effect, harmonious stone from the Textured Collection is a stunning design featuring multicoloured layers, replicating real sedimentary rock.  


Travertine is a popular natural building material, and has been for centuries, for its stunning smooth colours and unique limestone pattern. DecoSplash® Travertine, from the Natural Luxe Collection, lets you get the look for less, for a classy statement splashback that will enhance your kitchen.  

Want more splashback inspiration? Talk to our friendly team to find out more or view our collections.