DecoSplash® – Aluminium Splashbacks

Made from solid aluminium and coated in a beautiful, hardwearing power coat finish, DecoSplash® aluminium splashbacks are a sleek solution to common splashback concerns, offering durability, design freedom and easy maintenance. DecoSplash® sublimation technology precisely reproduces photographs and designs onto powder coated aluminium, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

From enticing landscapes to timeless tiles, opulent marble to flamboyant florals, DecoSplash® aluminium splashback collections offer something for every style. To explore the design collection, please click here.

About DecoSplash


DecoSplash® is non-combustible, so it is safe to use behind all cooktops, including gas. Aluminium disperses heat easily, preventing the build-up of hot spots on the splashback.


A smooth, non-porous surface, DecoSplash® is easy to maintain with just a cloth and mild detergent. No grout lines means no scrubbing, and forget about stains altogether.


Featuring a high-performance sublimated finish, DecoSplash® is scratch-resistant and the design will not peel or rub off. Quality and longevity are assured with a 10-year warranty*.


Use DecoSplash® in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any wet area and install over almost any surface. DecoSplash® is available in large sizes and is suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Choose from a beautifully curated selection of designs or personalise your space by using your own image. Customise your DecoSplash® with gloss or satin textures.


DecoSplash® adheres to all relevant Australian and international standards for splashbacks, including those relating to durability and non-combustibility.


Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle and requires little energy to do so.