Light and bright, with a mix of textured and green finshes are a must in 2023

If your kitchen is need of a refresh – or you are just sick of looking at the same old space after being locked in over the past couple of years – why not update your space with a new designer kitchen splashback?

DecoSplash® can help you personalise your space to suit your own style or help you to achieve the latest looks in kitchen design.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve done the hard work and have researched the hottest kitchen trends for 2023 to give you the inspiration for your new kitchen look.

Go for Luxury with Natural Luxe

According to Home and Gardens, 2023 is all about the luxurious marble. This means rich, earthy tones for a subtle yet opulent atmosphere. Choose one of our popular marble or textured stone splashbacks to enrich your kitchen space in 2023?

Textured Finishes 

Vogue predicts 2023 will be all about mixed textured finishes. “Designers and homeowners are seeking layers of depth and have a fascination with imperfections.” DecoSplash® Grunge Stone design and other textured finishes combine these ideals to create a unique and sophisticated – and on trend – splashback.


Kit-Kat Tiles

KitKat tiles are one of the latest design trends to take hold of the market. The skinny long tiles offer a contemporary feel that brings life to space. Our Tile collection has a wide range of tile-look design options to choose from without the messy grout! Designs include on-trend KitKat tiles, funky Subway tiles, and even Hexagon tiles.

Greenery and Nature

Reconnecting with our natural landscapes stunning lush greenery and cool blue waves is an idea discussed by Woman and Home. “In 2023, we are going to see an influx of calming tones and colours rooted in the natural world, as people’s lives are so stressful and busy, that coming home and into your kitchen should evoke a sense of calm and belonging”.

From our very own landscapes splashback range there are variety of places to let your mind drift whether that is a tranquil Thailand waterfall, the delightful imagery at the base of Mount Fuji or a magical aerial shot of the Twelve Apostles.

Colour Trends for 2023

According to Dulux, the forecasting for 2023 is a combination of balance, connection, and revival. The inspiration behind the moods is to reconnect with nature, create balance and connect spirits with happiness and joy. Why not go with a colour trend to match these vibes with coastal or ivory solid colour splashback to keep the kitchen feel subtle and pleasant.


Using specialised sublimation technology, DecoSplash® is the lightweight, easy-install aluminium splashback that recreates all your favourite designs. From tiles and terrazzo to solid colours, patterns and custom designs, and everything in between, DecoSplash® offers you total creative freedom so you can achieve your dream kitchen design.

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