Moody darks, green vibes and long lines are this year’s kitchen design musts.

A new year is at the door – and what better way to start off 2022 than with a fresh new kitchen? With all the changes to working and living over the past couple of years, kitchens are more than just a food preparation space; they are a place to meet, to relax and sometimes even to work. And with all that extra time spent in the kitchen, it is important to ensure your space is comfortable, functional and easy on the eye.

Customised spaces are trending in a big way this year, with creative new designs booming into the market, and contemporary takes on old favourites adding a personal touch to your kitchen space. And what better way to customise your kitchen than with a unique splashback to characterise your space.


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So, here are some of the hottest splashback trends for 2022 to give you inspiration for your kitchen design:

Dark kitchens with accents

According to Southern Living, 2022 is going to be all about dark materials and moodier vibes in the kitchen. This means dark blues, greys and especially blacks being the dominant colours in the kitchen design. Why not choose a black marble splashback or a metallic chrome splashback to really enhance the aesthetic of your space?

Long and linear

Homes to Love sees 2022 being all about geometry. Straight lines are no longer boring and superseded by modern styles – they’re back, with many designers and homeowners seeking new takes on the old classic. Larger subway tiles and other geometric tiles such as kit kat are taking pride of place in new kitchens, while lined patterns are also making their way into the spotlight.

Green tones

This 2021 trend is here to stay, and from where we’re sitting, it looks like it’s only set to keep growing. According to Homes and Gardens, green was the most Instagrammed kitchen colour of 2021. From subtle sages and grey-greens to pastel mints to bolder emerald and forest greens, there’s no limit to what you can do with this versatile colour, and it pairs amazingly with other neutral shades in your kitchen. Green cabinets, furniture and even appliances are taking centre stage – but what about for a splashback? As Livingetc points out, green has become so popular due to a shift back to natural looks and materials. Discover our wide range of fresh-looking green splashbacks to really put the colour front and centre in your space?


According to House Beautiful, online searches for terrazzo kitchens are up by over 200% in the past year. And that’s only set to grow, with kitchen owners eyeing the speckled design up for flooring, benchtops and more. Terrazzo-style splashbacks are a great way to make a statement and bring this popular design into your kitchen.

Sustainable materials

Some of the most popular kitchen splashbacks are made from natural materials. We don’t see marble and stone splashbacks going anywhere – who doesn’t love a beautiful quartz or granite, or a marble that screams elegance and sophistication? But as Vogue points out, this year designers are making sustainability a priority. While natural stone can be difficult to source (not to mention the regular maintenance it requires and the resins required to protect it), materials like recyclable aluminium can perfectly replicate that natural stone look you’re searching for.

Colour trends for 2022

Dulux is forecasting a combination of moody bluish hues and warm neutrals to take centre stage in 2022, as well as shades of muted pink. Simple monochromatic colours, greens and gentle pastels will also take their place in the most popular colours this year. Why not choose your favourite on-trend colour (or colour combo) and weave it into your kitchen design? Choose a pale lilac or lemon splashback to balance out white walls and cabinetry, or go with a dusky pink, gold or coral to balance out dark blues. Go with a solid colour splashback to really put that colour in the spotlight, or incorporate it into your favourite pattern, whether that be geometric cubes or swirls.


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